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Love in War - English Language Version

Love In War with Esther Perel: Ukraine. In this session we meet a couple torn apart by the war in Ukraine. Young sons divided between a mother who leaves for th

Esther Perel's Blog - The Language of Gender: Beyond Boy and Girl

The Language of Gender: Beyond Boy and Girl. Esther Perel. Get clarity on your most intimate romantic relationships.

Esther Perel's Blog - Our Comfort with Intimacy Has A Lot to do with These 7 Verbs

Language shapes our lives before we even know how to speak it. Verbs such as “to begin,” “to grow,” and “to be” describe our entry into this world.

Esther Perel's Blog - Feeling Touch-Starved? How Our Sense of Touch Keeps Us Radically Connected to Ourselves

That’s because. touch itself is a language, our first one. , and it’s comprised of an intimate vocabulary that includes pain and pleasure.

Esther Perel's Blog - 7 Verbs That Shape the Way You Love

As a person that speaks nine languages, I’ve learned how important it is to practice the basic verbs (of a new language).

Esther Perel | Focus On Eroticism

As Octavio Paz has implied, eroticism is the poetry of the body the way that poetry is the eroticism of language.

Esther Perel's Blog - Letters from Esther #32: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What is the language of it? In which situations did you feel you needed to make a resolution? Why?

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 4 Episode 3 - The Chronic Philanderer

Does her language here impact you in an emotional way? If it does—why?

HOW’S WORK? Season 1 Episode 6 - From Bartender to Business Partner

Attentiveness -- a communications skill that can be learned, like a foreign language. Abandonment smarts.

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 5 Episode 6 - Twice Married, To Each Other

Pay attention to your and your partner’s body language for underlying emotional clues.

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 4 Episode 8 - Burdens of the Family

How does this language shift feel for you? Consider this perspective in your next relationship challenge.

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 5 Episode 3 - Before We Got Together I Identified As Gay

An invitation into another’s community—to visit, to understand the language and norms, to be at ease as an observer—can be a powerful bridge between the emotional

HOW’S WORK? Season 2 Episode 7 - Since I Can't Be Myself, I Try To Be You

Language matters. How we label people and situations can mask more complex dynamics while also blocking change.

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 5 Episode 4 - I Don't Mean To Be Mean But...

A shake of the head, an eye roll, a slight cringe, a short sigh—body language matters in a conversation.

Esther Perel's Blog - What Couples Therapy Can Teach Us About Conflict in the Workplace

Blame and defense comprise the language of power and control.

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 5 Episode 10 - I've Had 100 Conversations With You In My Head, Part 2

—shift your language to: “I want you. I enjoy that feeling of wanting you.”

Esther Perel's Blog - Letters From Esther #42: My Worst Valentine’s Day

It’s been said that we need fifty words in a foreign language in order to speak it. In the language of intimacy, basic fluency comes down to just seven verbs.

Esther Perel's Blog - The 3 Types of Relationship Fights You Keep Having—And What To Do About Them

us question our sanity and relationship, but allowing these categories to function as a framework for identifying where our conflicts are coming from inspires language

Esther Perel's Blog - Breaking Free from Gender Expectations

Language of Gender. piece, the gender revolution has arrived. We have a whole new lexicon to choose from. And with it, freedom for self-expression.