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Love in War - English Language Version

Love In War with Esther Perel: Ukraine. In this session we meet a couple torn apart by the war in Ukraine. Young sons divided between a mother who leaves for the sake of her youngest. And a father who stays with the oldest for the sake of their country. Ви

Esther Perel's Blog - The Language of Gender: Beyond Boy and Girl

The Language of Gender: Beyond Boy and Girl. Esther Perel. Today, Esther covers the importance of language in our experience of gender.

Esther Perel's Blog - Our Comfort with Intimacy Has A Lot to do with These 7 Verbs

Language shapes our lives before we even know how to speak it. Verbs such as “to begin,” “to grow,” and “to be” describe our entry into this world. Verbs such as “to grab,” “to smile,” and “to resist” aren’t far behind.

Esther Perel's Blog - 7 Verbs That Shape the Way You Love

As a person that speaks nine languages, I’ve learned how important it is to practice the basic verbs (of a new language). These are the first we learn for speech and I’ve come to believe that they are also the first we learn in love.

Esther Perel's Blog - Feeling Touch-Starved? How Our Sense of Touch Keeps Us Radically Connected to Ourselves

That’s because. touch itself is a language, our first one. , and it’s comprised of an intimate vocabulary that includes pain and pleasure. When someone touches us and we recoil under their fingertips, we’re communicating that we’re uncomfortable.

Esther Perel | Focus On Eroticism

As Octavio Paz has implied, eroticism is the poetry of the body the way that poetry is the eroticism of language. Eroticism is cultivating pleasure for its own sake. It’s about bringing adventure back into play and creativity into our lives.

Esther Perel's Blog - Letters from Esther #32: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What is the language of it? In which situations did you feel you needed to make a resolution? Why? In which situations did you feel the resolution was to not make a definitive decision in either direction? More From Esther. “Twice Married.

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 4 Episode 3 - The Chronic Philanderer

Does her language here impact you in an emotional way? If it does—why? At its essence, Episode 3 reminds us of the importance of sitting in the uncomfortable space between what was and what will be.

HOW’S WORK? Season 1 Episode 6 - From Bartender to Business Partner

Attentiveness -- a communications skill that can be learned, like a foreign language. Abandonment smarts. Ways to heal: Grow from the freedom and self-determination that come with. Who deserves what when kin become colleagues?

WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 4 Episode 8 - Burdens of the Family

How does this language shift feel for you? Consider this perspective in your next relationship challenge. He craves the playfulness of connection with other women as a stark contrast to the heaviness of home.