Say More - I Don't Want to Be An Honorary Good Person, I Want to Be An Actual Good Person with Dwayne Betts

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We all have an official resume that tells the chronology of our professional achievements and activities. But we also have an unofficial resume. A resume which tells the stories that shape who we are as people. But what if we don't want to be defined by the stories we grew up with? Dwayne Betts is a poet, a prize-winning author, a Yale educated lawyer, a MacArthur fellow, and the founder of Freedom Reads, which puts libraries into prisons. He was also incarcerated as a teenager and spent almost a decade in prison. Listen in on this Apple Subscriber bonus as Esther and Dwayne question what does it mean to be good?

Dwayne hosts a new podcast called Almost There, from Emerson Collective, where he speaks with architects, doctors, writers, voyagers, organizers, and artists about what it takes to make transformational change. Learn more at

To get Dwayne's book of poetry Felon which tells the story of the effects of incarceration please visit:

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