Where Should We Begin
A Game of Stories

A new game from Esther Perel designed to introduce playfulness and storytelling into your next date, dinner party, or intimate get together. If you have any questions, check the FAQs below or contact support@estherperel.com

"The pandemic left us missing intimacy and play. So I created a game that helped us do both. The game is designed to help us connect and reconnect in a time of social atrophy." ~ Esther Perel

Bring Esther Into Your Home

The idea for Where Should We Begin - The Game came while Esther was trading stories with her closest friends of 25 years. She created all of the prompt and story cards based on conversations she's started at dinner parties, in her office, and with friends, family, and colleagues.

A Game of Stories

The game is designed for people to connect around the power of storytelling. As we re-emerge into the world we are all in need of tools to help us reconnect and overcome our shared social anxiety.

Tailor the Game for Your Next Date, Dinner, or Intimate Get Together

Designed for partners, dates, or friends, Where Should We Begin? is many games at once. The rules are tailored to the many situations you might find yourself in, and to different types of groups.

Just as an amazing connection is about sharing, listening, risk, laughter, and discovery, so too is a great game. Let the Prompt Cards guide you and the Story Cards inspire you to share the stories you rarely tell.

Frequently Asked Questions