Laid Off and Starting Over

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How we end a job is key to how we establish the next one.  


Crucifixion and resurrection move Episode 4 of How’s Work? with Esther Perel, as two producers whose corporate division got sacked now face their own delicate reckoning. Without proper closure, old traumas could hover over the new partnership they’re creating. For the senior colleague, this means managing heavy pressure not to fail again, whereas his mentoree needs him to recognize the uncertainty she's risking here while nixing safer options.

In Laid Off and Starting Over, Esther helps the pair seal the former chapter and square their evolving relationship with their new business partnership and brand.


What to listen for in this episode of How’s Work? with Esther Perel:

  • Acknowledging how good it feels when a colleague chooses to stay creates deeper connection than acknowledging that they’re always free to choose other options.
  • Feeling mismanaged can result in hypervigilance. Which is where the power of a twosome comes in: Each partner can correct for positive thinking.
  • After a painful shut down, what’s an optimal balance between venting and containing anger to enable fired workers to move on?
  • How does a pair that has endured failure rebuild confidence and trust?
  • Transitioning from a mentorship to a creative collaboration on equal footing takes awareness and communication–especially when such differentials as age, experience and/or gender are involved.
  • Legacy drives our values, hires and management style.
  • People who are raised for autonomy often have difficulty trusting and delegating. Greater comfort zone: to rely on themselves to come through and excel.
  • Long after a crisis is settled, what we may remember most is how we behaved.
  • Rituals that enact letting something go can help purge the memory of a bad experience and lessen its power to hang over a future initiative.

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