Behind the Scenes - The Must Listen List

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Esther is not one to play favorites when it comes to her sessions BUT when pressed she would tell you the ten couples whose stories stayed with her these past few years. In this WSWB behind the scenes Esther and her producer (Jesse) curate a list of must listen to couples for you.

1. Twice Married, To Each Other

2. Speak to Me In French

3. In This Relationship, What is the I and What is the We

4. Do You Want Me To Watch The Kids While You Go Out With Other Guys

5. My Orgasm Is Not Just For Me

6. I Don’t Mean to Be Mean But…

7. On Again/Off Again

8. The Chronic Philanderer

9. 100 Conversations With You In My Head

10. What Would It Take For You To Come Out?

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