Where Should We Begin
A Game of Stories

The rules of Where Should We Begin are designed to help bring out the storyteller in you during your next date, intimate get together, or meet up with friends.

The rules are also made to be broken, and we know that however you choose to use the story cards and prompt cards, meaningful and fun conversations are in your future.

Game Rules Version #1: Simple

The basic rules to Where Should We Begin utilize the Story Cards only, leaving out the Prompt Cards and tokens. This is perfect for a first time, around a dinner table, or if you want to keep it a little more casual.

Game Rules Version #2: Advanced

The advanced rules include all game elements, including the prompt cards and tokens. This is really where the game departs from the typical question deck. The combination of story cards and prompt cards means that no matter how many times you play, you're likely to have new combinations of prompts and lenses to provoke the telling of new stories. These are great for games between closer groups of friends, couples who want to incorporate the game into their relationship rituals, or adventurous newbies.

“I believe that human connection has transformative power in all aspects of our lives."

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