The Three Phases of Post-Affair Recovery

A workshop for couples and individuals who have experienced infidelity

Starts April 27th

The crisis of infidelity can leave a couple feeling overwhelmed and helpless. 

Allow me to guide you to a place that is more hopeful and resilient.

This workshop, comprised of both live and pre-recorded video seminars, will walk couples through my three-part recovery process post-affair to create a better understanding of what to expect and how to find a path toward healing.

It is not my place to tell you what to do or to prescribe a one-size-fits-all-solution, but I will provide guidance, insights, and a framework for understanding what this is and why it happened. 

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Are you a couple or an individual looking to start the healing process in the wake of an infidelity? If so, this online workshop can help.

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Curriculum and Schedule

Three weekly segments. A 30 minute lesson to start the week, and an hour-long Q+A to cover questions that come up while you're implementing the lessons.

Phase 1: The Crisis (Video Available April 27, 2018, 12PM Eastern)

The reveal of such a secret is like a shock to the system for a couple. I'll guide you through this first phase of recovery as we discuss how to connect the crisis to the relationship; how to normalize the havoc; what you can expect to feel and experience; and what each partner must do to weather this stage. Live Q+A: May 3, 2018, 12PM Eastern

Phase 2: The Insight (Video Available May 4, 2018, 12PM Eastern)

The next phase of recovery is to begin to make sense of what has happened. We'll explore ways to talk about why this occurred and what it means for you and your relationship. I'll provide resources to help you shift communication to be more positive and productive. Live Q+A: May 10, 2018, 12PM Eastern

Phase 3: The Vision (Video Available May 11, 2018, 12PM Eastern)

How can you turn the crisis into an opportunity? In this final phase, we'll see what it can look like to move forward - from rebuilding trust, to apologizing and forgiving, to erotic recovery. Live Q+A: May 17, 2018, 12PM Eastern

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What you will learn...

This series is designed to help guide you through the spiraling, non-linear path of recovery - the setbacks, and the intense and shifting emotions - to best help you move forward toward healing.

My non-judgmental approach is made to be flexible and adaptable to your own circumstances.

You will learn helpful guidelines to: 

Determine what kind of shared information helps vs. hurts.

Confront betrayal, acceptance, and forgiveness. 

Take responsibility for your share of the relationship damage. 

Change your behaviors and assess if you are both willing to do so.

Begin to rebuild trust in the aftermath of discovery.

Rekindle intimacy - and retire any erotic connection to the "other" woman or man.

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Why Esther?

Esther is recognized as one of the world's most original and insightful voices on modern relationships. As a practicing psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience, her insights come from real-life people. The past 10 years she has focused exclusively on working with couples impacted by an affair. Her mission is to help people feel more connected by using long-term strategies rather than easy short-term fixes. 


"We are all deeply confused about how to manage love, sex, and commitment in the modern world. There is one person on the planet with a particularly compelling diagnosis and set of answers. Esther Perel is a guide and mentor for our times." - Alain de Botton

"I trust Esther Perel more than any other person for relationship advice. Perel goes where few others dare - to the place we all think about but are uncomfortable to talk about. Always honest and always fair." - Simon Sinek


  • Who is this series for? For any individual or couple who finds themselves in the aftermath of an affair and who are looking for guidance on what to do next. 

  • Will the webinars be recorded? Yes. Each webinar will be recorded and available via video, audio, and transcription formats for those who purchase the series after the live date.
  • Will I be able to interact with Esther directly? Participants will be able to send in their questions ahead of time. Esther will use these questions to guide the content of the series. 
  • Can I do this series on my own or does my partner need to be involved? It is up to you how you wish to proceed. Making meaning is a joint venture. However, processing on an individual level is also an essential part of recovery. Whether as a couple or an individual, this series is beneficial in helping guide you toward healing.
  • Will you tell me what to do next in my specific situation? I will not tell you what to do or try to give a one-size fits all solution. But I will give you the tools and vocabulary necessary to guide you toward a path of healing, whatever that might look like for you. I encourage you to seek additional help from a therapy professional to continue to work through the healing and repair.
  • Will the live Q&A sessions be recorded? Yes. I know people have busy schedules and time zones conflict so my team will be recording each live Q&A call for you to review at any time. All pre-recorded and live recordings will be archived and made available to you to watch at your leisure. 
  • Can I still submit my questions if I cannot attend the live session? Absolutely! I will begin collecting questions prior to each call so even if you cannot join me live, my team is happy to collect your question to be considered for the call.


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The Three Phases of Post-Affair Recovery: A course for couples and individuals who have experienced infidelity.


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