CLASS 1
    – New Technology: New Boundaries
    CLASS 2 – Pursuing Passion: Personal Resource Distribution 
    CLASS 3 – Power Dynamics in Relationships
    CLASS 4 – Breaches of Trust and How to Repair Them


    • 4 one-hour inspiring lectures, molded by patient questions and case studies  
    • 4 relationship-enhancing exercises
    • Downloadable mp3 audio files for each class
    • Freedom to participate in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace


    1. Upon registration, you will receive an email from Esther Perel with your personal username and password for our Programs Website Platform.
    2. This is a pre-recorded online workshop. You will not be attending live.
    3. Audio recordings are available for you to listen to unlimitedly, with no time limit.
    4. Our team is here to help and can be reached [email protected]


    CLASS 1 – New Technology: New Boundaries

    • Defining and negotiating relationship boundaries
    • How to have honest, effective dialogue about desires and loyalty
    • Protecting your intimate bond
    • Navigating new digital boundaries

    CLASS 2 – Pursuing Passion

    • A new look of the distribution of resources at work and at home: time, energy and presence
    • Tapping into playfulness and creativity to enhance your relationship
    • Defying complacency
    • Improving your vitality and connecting to your own aliveness

    CLASS 3 – Power Dynamics in Relationships

    • Releasing pain and building trust
    • Power struggles in the bedroom (She never “lets” me. If he does X, then I will do Y) and how to stop them
    • Shifting from blame to understanding

    CLASS 4 – Breaches of Trust & How to Repair Them

    • Creating safety for emotional vulnerability
    • Acknowledging and healing from rejections, betrayals and lies
    • Freedom through accountability and power through responsibility
    • Entering a conflict-free bed