Relationship and intimacy wisdom you won't find anywhere else.

    Rekindling Desire


    A seven-part online workshop to help you reignite passion in your relationship

    Learn to:

    • Examine your assumptions about sex, infidelity and relationships in general
    • Gain insight and understanding about your intimate desires and fantasies
    • Communicate your needs effectively
    • Gain fresh inspiration for a vibrant sex life

    Workshop includes:

    • 27 high definition videos
    • Downloadable audio recordings for life-time ownership of the material
    • Full Transcripts to read at your convenience
    • 15 Exercises to do at home, solo or with a partner
    • Participate anytime, anywhere
    • Non-judgemental conversation and community
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    4-Part Audio Workshop with Esther Perel

    Connection & Passion


    CLASS 1 – New Technology: New Boundaries
    CLASS 2 – Pursuing Passion: From the Office to the Bedroom
    CLASS 3 – Power Dynamics in Relationships
    CLASS 4 – Breaches & Repairs

    Workshop includes:

    • 4 one-hour audio lectures classes (streaming + downloadable mp3 files)
    • 4 relationships enhancing exercises
    • Participate anytime, anyplace



    The Power of Intimacy [FOR THERAPISTS]


    A 5-Week Online Training Program to navigate sex, love & power for quicker and lasting results in therapy sessions for your clients.


    TRAINING 1 – Power and Patriarchy
    TRAINING 2 – Fierce Intimacy
    TRAINING 3 – Sex and Power
    TRAINING 4 – Modern Sexual Therapy
    TRAINING 5 – Building a Relational Foundation 

    Online Training includes:

    • 5 one-hour tele-classes with Esther and Terry, delivered weekly.
    • Access to a private members area.
    • Downloadable Recordings for life-time ownership of the material.
    • Full Transcripts to read at your convenience.
    • CEs available – apply for 5 credits upon completing the course for nominal fee.


    What participants are saying about Esther Perel's workshops...

    Esther’s online course Rekindling Desire is in a league of it’s own. It’s a far cry from any formulaic, one-size-fits-all approach. She invites participants to use her suggestions in a creative way to suit their own particular needs and temperaments. What she offers is encouragement, hope and fresh avenues of exploration both conversational and practical. Most of all she inspires with her understanding and humor, her honesty, imagination and intelligence and the sheer wealth of insight she has gleaned in her extensive international therapeutic practice. We have been married for 35 years now, and Esther’s conversation-starters got us talking about old difficulties in a new way. It takes the will to persevere and the courage to try, but the course has helped us to open up new, refreshing, and rewarding ways to reconnect with each other that we may never have discovered without her help.
    John M. (San Francisco, CA)
    I took the online program of “Love, Sex and Power” and I am blown away by the videos. Esther is a passionate and powerful speaker who captivates and delivers big time the insights. I was amazed to discover a whole new angle to look at myself from, and the insights really impacted my coaching sessions and added a new depth to them. Esther has the ability to speak with no script, improvise in the moment, and connect the dots, making it work. I love her ability to bring up the most private and intimate points in such a safe and acceptable way.
    Chen Lizra – TED Speaker, Seminar Leader, Life Coach
    Rekindling Desire is a rare, online workshop experience: intimate, insightful, fast-paced, and with an international perspective. As a 50-year-old lesbian in a long-term committed relationship, I thought my sex life was over. Wrong! Esther truly, lovingly and creatively guided us back to welcome the discourse, intention, and care to journey back to erotic coupleship. Thank you, Esther, for this course — and thank you for igniting careful, empowering and kind energy around this important topic: rekindling our life-energy.
    Kristen J (Atlanta, GA)
    Esther’s online workshop was a treasured opportunity to work with her in what felt like a personal experience. I found ALL of her insights and suggestions to be useful tools for my own toolbox and relationships.
    Paulo, Rockford, MN
    Esther’s online workshop was a treasured opportunity to work with her in what felt like a personal experience. I found ALL of her insights and suggestions to be useful tools for my own toolbox and relationships.
    Paulo, Rockford, MN

    We entered Esther’s workshop virtually blind to what had caused our sexual impasse and the relational dynamics that contributed to my wife’s affair. We walk away with new eyes (as Esther puts it) and a much clearer understanding about what’s going on. This knowledge has not only helped us to begin course correction and deal with “our stuff”, but it has also helped ease the pain and resentment I felt as a result of the affair & help my wife better understand why she did it — thereby easing her guilt and allowing us to communicate in a much more productive way.
    John, San Francisco, CA

    This workshop shifted things for me. It was stimulating, liberating and informative. Esther is so encouraging and the experience has already had a great impact on my intimate life.
    Cynthia, Melbourne, Australia