Esther Perel

Ms. Perel's work has appeared in leading publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Vogue, Le Monde, Ha’aretz, Stern, La Republica, The Guardian, The Observer and The Sydney Morning Herald; she also writes a popular column for the magazine Oh La La, published by the Argentine newspaper La Nación.

Cultivating Erotic Intelligence in Couples Therapy

Originally published on Reconciling Sensuality and Domesticity America, in matters of sex as in much else, seems to be  

Does your partner think you’re working too much?

Here’s a painfully familiar situation: You’re heading home after a day at work that ran longer than you expected, and  

Relationships from a tourist lens

Ours is a culture that often encourages complete enmeshment with our partners – so there are no secrets, no boundaries,  

Our intimate relationships affect our overall health

Two weeks ago, I flew to San Francisco to attend the Health 2.0 Conference to remind the health industry that  

How therapists approach infidelity in the office

Infidelity enters my office in some many ways. I can be with a person who’s in the thralls of an  

Exercise for a happier marriage: Watch a movie

A recent study of newly married couples (married less than 3 years) (Rogge et al., 2014) suggests that couples felt  

Therapists are not problem solvers

When we explain to the couple that it is up to them to make changes, what do we say when  

Reclaim Curiosity, Connection & Passion

Register now for my Fall Online Workshop You will explore four key erotic and emotional challenges we all face. With  

Sexual health = sexual rights

The World Health organization has a definition of Sexual health that I like a lot …a state of physical, emotional,  

Should you reveal a long-term secret?

The following notes are derived from “Rethinking Couples Therapy: The Hard Questions and The Nuts & Bolts” teleclass with Esther  

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