Esther Perel

Ms. Perel's work has appeared in leading publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Vogue, Le Monde, Ha’aretz, Stern, La Republica, The Guardian, The Observer and The Sydney Morning Herald; she also writes a popular column for the magazine Oh La La, published by the Argentine newspaper La Nación.

Couples and Sexuality: Erotic Desire in Long-Term Relationships

I will be the keynote speaker at this year’s annual Imago Relationships International Conference on October 30th in Washington, DC.  

History of Monogamy: The Shift from Duty to Pleasure

Monogamy has nothing to do with love – it was an economic decision about patrimony and lineage. The idea of  

What does it take to conjure mystery and rekindle eroticism?

Couples often go wrong by groping for greater closeness, when in fact only separateness and autonomy produce the magic bond  

Dr. Whipple on Female Ejaculation

Conversations about sexuality almost always include questions about female ejaculation. I want to give the mic to my colleague Dr.  

Review: Joshua Wolf Shenk’s ‘Powers of Two’

I am forever interested in how to make better dyads, and harness creative intimacies from your desk to your dining  

What is Love? A Poem:

Tor Jonsson (1878-1950): WHEN YOU ARE AWAY You are closest when you are away Something disappears when you are close  

A french man speaks his mind about Love and Sex

One french man speaks his mind about Love and Sex and addresses himself to us on this side of the  

Case study: Affair fills the space in a marriage

Christina met her first lover who affirmed her autonomy, her attractiveness, her life apart from her husband.  The affair also  

Emotional meanings of affairs

Our expectations and demands for exclusiveness which we see in marriage and monogamy are fixed in our earliest love relationship  

The language of infidelity

Most of the words we use to describe infidelity connote moral disapproval, bad character, or sickness. Verbs such as cheating,  

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